Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Cummins RS20A

Cummins RS20A Managed Whole House Standby Generator

The consumer has many buying choices when shopping for a home standby generator, including offerings from Generac, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, Cummins, and more.  The selection process can be daunting for the uninitiated.

Generac’s impressive marketing and vast dealer network factors heavily in the firm’s longstanding domination of the residential market for standby power.  In recent years, other viable contenders have been growing market share with an impressive line of generators causing consumers to pause and consider Generac’s competition.

Cummins Reliability is Built-in

Today’s article focuses on one such competitor in the air-cooled generator arena, the RS20A from Cummins Power Generation.  Before we begin dissecting the features and benefits of this impressive 20kW air-cooled generator, let’s take a brief look at the company.

Cummins Power Generation has a long history in creating innovation from its beginning in the 1920s with David Onan’s invention of the TENLITE generator to today’s impressive lineup of power generation products in residential, industrial, mobile, and marine applications.  Today, Cummins Power Generation is a division of Cummins, Inc., a world leader in the design and manufacture of diesel engines, where its gaseous and diesel generators are distributed in over 190 countries to markets including data centers, health care facilities, commercial office buildings, airports, and hospitals. 

Every year, Builder magazine surveys over 3,000 U.S. home builders on the best performing builder products and Cummins has been awarded with the Brand Leader award year after year. 

With that introduction, let’s take a close look at the Cummins RS20A air-cooled generator.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Cummins RS20A

 1. Robust Design

The Cummins RS20A robust design enables it to operate in wide temperature extremes. Out of the box, the RS20A operates flawlessly down to 0°F (-18°C). Cold weather equipped models can operate down to -40°F (-40°C). Tested and certified to meet EPA, UL, and CSA standards, the generator also meets NFPA 37 allowing it to be installed as close as 18 inches from a building.

Powerful motor starting capabilities to start and run a 5-ton air conditioner under full pre-load.

2. Intelligent Load Management

The RS20A can manage up to 4 loads while continuously monitoring how much power is required independently for each load. It then controls each load for maximum utilization of generator power by only restoring loads the generator has capacity to run.

Cummins 50-Amp Load Management Module

For example, let’s say two (2) Load Management Modules manage the loads from an electric oven and the clothes dryer. Your Cummins certified installer will make a low-voltage connection to two (2) central air conditioning units, thus eliminating the use of a Load Management Module for A/C loads. Homeowners can prioritize essential loads and typically priority is given to one of the air conditioners. When the A/C completes its run cycle, power is freed to start and run the other A/C, oven, or clothes dryer. Built-in load management capabilities prevent the generator from overloading.

The unique Intelligent Load Management capability of the RS20A makes it a perfect solution for homeowners seeking a budget-friendly Managed Whole House solution.

3. More Flexibility with Periodic Exercise Routines

Automatic standby generators are programmed to perform a periodic exercise routine that typically lasts 10-20 minutes.  The Cummins RS20A can be programmed to perform this exercise on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.  Most manufacturers offer only a weekly exercise routine.  Buckeye Power Systems recommends programming the RS20A for a monthly exercise, thus saving consumers considerably on fuel expense and wear and tear.

4. Remote Monitoring with No Fees

Remote monitoring capability is built into every Cummins air-cooled generator. An optional wall-mounted remote monitor as illustrated below enables the homeowner to check the status of the generator without leaving the house.

Cummins Wall-Mounted Remote Monitor

Cummins Cloud Connect Monitoring can be viewed using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Changes in generator status results in notifications, including generator start and run, stop, plus it will remind you of generator service intervals. If the generator develops a fault or problem, the homeowner is notified. Notifications can also go to your Cummins service provider.

Cummins Cloud Connect Remote Monitoring to smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

To enable Cummins Cloud Connect monitoring, ask your generator installer to connect the generator to your WIFI for Internet access. The tech will then program the app to receive data from your Cummins generator.

5. Low Noise Output

The Cummins RS20A sound output of 65dB(A) makes it the quietest in the industry and very neighborhood friendly. So much so, you won’t even know it’s there.        

The engine and generator are surrounded by two enclosures. The exterior enclosure is aluminum with a powder coat finish and well insulated. Galvanized steel is used for the interior enclosure. The enclosure is rated to withstand 180 MPH winds.

Most generator manufacturers measure sound output when standing 23-feet away, directly in front of the unit.  Step to the side of one of these competitor units and listen as sound levels increase markedly. No wonder competitors use only one microphone to measure sound! 

Cummins does it differently at its Acoustical Testing Center in Fridley, Minnesota where eight (8) microphones are placed around the generator.  The sound output level for the Cummins RS20A is 65 decibels, well below that of all competitor models.  

Three Bonus Reasons to Buy an RS20A

    1. Low Carbon Emissions

    Read the small print in some competitor descriptions and you’ll note the unit is “Not for sale in California or Massachusetts.”  That’s because emission certifications do not meet the stringent requirements from these two states.  However, unlike some competitors, every Cummins RS20A is U.S. EPA and CARB Emissions Certified and available for sale in all 50 states.  

      2. Cummins Engineered Alternator

        The alternator is a component seldom considered by most consumers.  But the alternator is where the real work gets done with standby generators and, while some competitors use alternators made in China, Cummins designs, engineers, and manufactures its own alternators and electronic controls right here in the U.S.A. at its Fridley, Minnesota manufacturing facility.

          3. Cummins Reliability Means Peace of Mind

            As an authorized dealer for Cummins Power Generation products for nearly a decade, we give Cummins high marks for consistent, reliable power. Our customers agree. Perhaps that’s why Cummins uses its trademark protected slogan, “Performance you rely on™”

            Simply put, Cummins manufactures a quality product with excellent reliability and backed by a 5-year, 2000-hour limited warranty. Extended warranties offer up to 10-years of worry-free service and maintenance.

            The Bottom-line

            Buckeye Power Systems is proud to recommend the Cummins RS20A air-cooled generator as your best solution for a Whole House, Managed Whole House, or Partial House generator solution. We offer cold weather equipped versions as well as standard versions at a price that can’t be beat anywhere. Period.

            We stock plenty of RS20A Kits which include a 200-Amp Service Entrance Rated ATS in the box. All for under $6,000.00 and ready to ship today. Smaller air-cooled models are also in stock.

            Call Buckeye Power Systems today, 901-379-8097. We keep the doors and phone lines open until 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday.