Liquid-Cooled Home and Commercial Generators

The Best Choice for Backup Power -

About Liquid-Cooled Generators

We are one of the only certified Cummins dealers with on-hand stock of Cummins Liquid-Cooled Generators. Liquid-Cooled generators are the best choice for reliable, long-lasting backup power for your home or business. These high-performance generators, are not only the most reliable, coming from the Cummins brand, but they also perform the quietest! Using Cummins expert advanced technology and design, these Liquid-Cooled standby generators withstand extreme heat, cold, and even winds up to 150 mph. So you can depend on them to perform through any outage condition.

All the Home & Commercial Cummins Liquid-Cooled generators we offer, operate with various fuel types to meets your needs; Liquid Propane, Natural Gas, or Diesel. These top-rated generators are available from 25kW, 36kW, 40kW, 50kW, 60kW, 80kW and up to 150kW, single and 3 phase, and RPMs for any power need.  Whether for your home or business, we have standby generators in-stock now, meaning we can ship these to you today, don't wait 46 weeks (the typical delivery time from other suppliers) and suffer through another outage this season. Buckeye Power Systems offers competitive non-listed prices and faster delivery, so you can be prepared to live safely and comfortably through the next outage. 

What is a Liquid-Cooled Generator?

A Liquid-Cooled generator is known as the most reliable choice for backup power because they use a cooling agent to maintain the systems temperature for optimum performance through harsh environmental conditions that are typical through power outages. Liquid-Cooled generators use either oil or a “coolant” that operates with a radiator, water pump, and hose, delivering the cooling liquid to the engine block, much like a car or automobile. This "coolant" process maintains the system's temperature, allowing for maximum operation and performance, through extreme  temperatures, and lasts longer.  Our Cummins Liquid-Cooled generators are designed with robust materials, specialized coatings, and advanced technology, so they also withstand winds up to 150 mph, and avoid common wear and corrosion that other models experience, plus they perform quieter. 

Need More Help or Just Starting Your Search?

We have more info on selecting the right backup generator for your residential or commercial power needs. First, you want to understand how much power or kilowatts(kW) you need to meet your power objectives. See our Quick Guide to kW for common appliances and other in-depth expert information to help you get uninterrupted living and operations for your business or family. Contact us or call 901-379-8097 today!