Air-Cooled Standby Generators

Automatic Dependable Power, Budget Friendly Solution:
Cummins Air-Cooled Standby Generators

When you want a permanently installed home generator ready to provide power automatically when needed, at a great price, a QuietConnect Air-Cooled generator from Cummins is the way to go. Cummins QuietConnect Air-Cooled generators are engineered, tested, and manufactured in the USA and offer dependable rugged power for whole house and managed whole house power generation:

  • Quiet Operation
  • Sturdy Design
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Leading World brand you can depend on 

Available in sizes from 13kW, 17kW and 20kW, these Air-Cooled Generators automatically energize connected circuits within seconds of any power outage.

Quiet operation and reliability, the Cummins QuietConnect Air-Cooled generators offer a budget-friendly solution to homeowners preparing for thunderstorms, ice storms, brownouts, and rolling power outages. 

A 20kW Air-Cooled Generator is a popular solution for homeowners experiencing occasional, disruptive short-term power outages. These units provide ample power to run a 5-ton air conditioner, plus home lights, and receptacle circuits found on a typical 200-Amp Main Breaker Panel. Air-Cooled Generators from Cummins can also be programmed to manage and run up to two 5-ton air conditioners operating one after the other.

Some manufacturers are now producing Air-Cooled generators rated at 26kW. Engineers at Cummins Power Generation draw the line at 20kW for Air-Cooled Generators to minimize engine over-heating issues. Reliable standby power is key. For applications requiring more than 20kW of standby power, we recommend our Cummins Liquid-Cooled Generators.