Tips on How To Select a Qualified Installer for Your New Standby Generator

Choosing a qualified generator installer is more involved than comparing quotes.

While many qualified electricians are experts at wiring homes or troubleshooting a problem circuit, not every electrician has experience installing a standby generator system.  We’ve heard many a customer say, “I have a friend who is a Master Electrician” but it is considered a best practice to ask any would-be installer about their experience installing a standby generator. 

If given a choice between a Master Electrician with no experience installing standby generators and a Journeyman electrician with good experience installing standby generators, we recommend choosing the experienced generator installer every time!

Better still, hire an experienced installer who is also an authorized dealer for the generator manufacturer because these technicians are factory trained on installation best practices, service, and repair. Only authorized dealers are able to make warranty repairs when needed. You will want to develop a relationship with an authorized dealer for post-installation service and warranty repairs.

Popular generator manufacturers include Generac, Kohler Generators, and Cummins Power Generation.  Browse the manufacturer’s website for the “Dealer Locator”, enter your zip code, and you’ll find a number of dealers in your area.

Don’t fall victim to low-ball quotes from inexperienced installers.  It’s best to pay a little more for a quality installation from experienced dealers/installers.

Give Buckeye Power Systems a call at 901-379-8097 for a no-obligation quote on your new standby generator.  We are a factory-authorized sales and service dealer for Cummins Power Generation, a world leader in power generation products.