Getting Started with Standby Power for Your Home

About Buckeye Power Systems

Buckeye Power Systems is based in Cordova, Tennessee, a suburb of Memphis, and we created this series of informational articles to help homeowners like yourself better understand standby generator systems, how they work, and how a standby generator can keep your family safe and secure when stormy weather and natural disasters result in widespread power outages and grid failures.

We will dive into everything from generator sizing and load management to the best installation practices and routine maintenance. Generator owners will want to save this series of articles for future reference because it’s packed with useful information.

Our Partnership with Cummins Power Generation

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Buckeye Power Systems is an online seller of standby generators exclusively from Cummins Power Generation, a world leader in power generation equipment for homeowners, hospitals, data centers, stadiums, and large distribution centers.

David Richey, President of Buckeye Power Systems, explains:

Our business model is focused on the quality, reliability, and durability you can expect from the Cummins brand. Cummins has been in the power generation business for over 100 years and today is a global leader in power generation equipment. Yes, there are other brands, each offering a good product. We partnered with Cummins Power Generation because it is the one brand delivering made in USA quality, reliability, and durability; and at a competitive price point to homeowners. We also see far fewer breakdowns and service calls with Cummins generators and that makes for happy customers.

As we explore generator sizing and selection, we’ll weave in features exclusive to the Cummins brand, just to drive home why we as generator industry professionals recommend the Cummins brand for reliable standby power.

The information found in this article series is written to help you “talk generators” with confidence when collaborating with an electrician or industry professionals like Buckeye Power Systems.

Also, look for cost-saving tips to help save on total project costs.

We will include an article devoted to Troubleshooting FAQs, and Maintenance and Care FAQs.

Buckeye Power Systems welcomes your questions and invites you to call Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm at 901-379-8097 to speak with a representative.

Meanwhile, let’s begin exploring standby power for your home, how generators work and cost-saving tips on standby generator installation projects.

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