Generac RG06045 vs. Cummins RS60 - Product Review

Generac RG06045 vs. Cummins RS60 product specification differences

Homeowners needing Whole House generator coverage have a variety of choices when it comes to backup power solutions. This article will focus on product specification differences between two 60kW whole house generators, one from Generac and the other from Cummins Power Generation.

Let’s review the product specifications from each model.

The Generator Engine and Weight Difference

As we review the generator specifications table illustrated below, the first difference between the two models is the engine. The Cummins engine is a 5.9L, 6-Cylinder while Generac uses a 4.5L, 4-Cylinder engine. The larger Cummins engine likely factors in the 700+ pound weight difference between the two models. Both models are rated at 60kW whether fueled by natural gas or liquid propane, and the engines run at 1800 RPM.

Sound Level – Normal Load

Under normal load, the Cummins RS60 QuietConnect performs quieter than the Generac RG06045 with decibel ratings at 69.8 dB(A) for Cummins and 72 dB(A) for Generac RG06045.

Table illustrating product specification differences between the Generac RG06045 and the Cummins RS60.

Fuel Consumption

Both models are in a virtual tie regarding natural gas fuel consumption: 806.3 cubic feet per hour for Cummins and 808 cubic feet per hour for Generac. However, Generac edges Cummins when fueled by liquid-propane (LP): 8.6 gallons per hour (GPH) for Generac vs. 10.17 gallons per hour for the Cummins RS60.


The larger Cummins engine explains the dimensional differences between the two models. The footprint of the Cummins RS60 is over 21-inches longer, 2-inches wider, and nearly 10-inches higher than the Generac RG06045.

Availability and Pricing:

The Cummins RS60 is in-stock and ready to ship for $23,553 on the Buckeye website. Most online sellers of the Generac RG06045 require a build to order shipping time frame of 15-17 weeks at a price of $22,387. The roughly 4-month wait time for the Generac model may be a deterrent for customers needing equipment now.

Code Compliance

The Cummins QuietConnect RS60 is EPA/UL certified, Seismic Certified, and is NFPA 110 Capable while the Generac RG06045 is not Seismic Certified nor is it NFPA 110 Capable.

Table illustrating Code Compliance differences between the Generac RG06045 and the Cummins RS60

Concluding Thoughts

The Cummins QuietConnect RS60 is available to ship with no wait time, has a more rugged 5.9L, 6-Cylinder engine, is Seismic Certified, and NFPA 110 capable while costing just over $1,100 more than the Generac RG06045.

If you need a 60kW whole house standby generator now and prefer a more robust engine along with Seismic certifications and NFPA 110 capable, call Buckeye Power Systems today at 901-379-8097.

We offer availability in a variety of voltages and shipping is immediate. Click a link below to view product on the Buckeye website:
Cummins QuietConnect RS60 for homeowners - 120/240V Single Phase
Cummins QuietConnect RS60 for businesses - 120/208V 3-Phase
Cummins QuietConnect RS60 for industry - 277/480V 3-Phase

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