Can a 13kW or 17kW Generator Start and Run a 5-Ton A/C?

Cummins RS13A QuietConnect Home Standby Generator

The Cummins RS13A QuietConnect 13kW home standby generator has powerful motor starting capabilities enabling it to easily start and run a 5-ton central air conditioning system or manage the loads between two A/Cs. The same applies to its more powerful sister units, the RS17A and RS20A. All three air-cooled units from Cummins Power Generation have the same Cummins 999cc, 2-cylinder engine running at 3600 RPM and are fueled by natural gas or liquid-propane (LP).

Innovative, Compact, and Robust Design

Featuring an innovative, compact design (34.1” L x 36” W x 27.3” H), all three Cummins air-cooled models perform out of the box in temperatures as low as 0-degrees F, and the extreme cold weather RS13AE model will operate down to -40 degrees F.

Homeowners living in hurricane-prone coastal regions will appreciate the rust-resistant aluminum housing evaluated to withstand up to 180-mph wind loads in accordance with ASCE7-10. That’s a 30-mph uptick from Generac air-cooled generators tested at 150-mph wind loads. For a toe-to-toe comparison between Generac and Cummins air-cooled 20kW models, click here.

Quiet, Neighborhood Friendly Performance

Cummins QuietConnect air-cooled home standby generators are the quietest performing generators on the planet with sound ratings at a low 65dB(A) at normal load. Sound performance is enhanced by the innovative design by Cummins sound engineers. The engine is surrounded by a galvanized steel interior housing and aluminum exterior housing enabling quiet performance throughout a power outage.

Your family will sleep soundly and so will your neighbors.

Built-in Intelligent Load Management Capabilities

Each Cummins air-cooled generator features the ability to manage up to four high voltage loads like air conditioner compressors, ovens, clothes dryers, electric heat, and electric hot water heaters. These loads are monitored continuously to determine how much power is required for each load. Optional Load Control Modules are recommended for the oven, clothes dryer, electric heating and hot water heaters; however, your installation crew can make a low-voltage connection to air conditioner thermostats without using an LCM.

Code Compliance

Cummins air-cooled generator certifications.

Cummins QuietConnect air-cooled backup power generators are tested and certified to meet EPA, CSA, and UL certification requirements. The generators also meet NFPA 37 requirements allowing it to be installed within 18-inches of your home. Be aware that all home standby generators meeting this requirement must also be located 5-feet away from door, window, and ventilation openings.

Be sure to check your local codes prior to installation.

Simple, Easy Generator Servicing

Cummins air-cooled generator easy servicing for homeowners and certified technicians.

Checking engine oil levels or viewing the included local display panel is simple and easy. Simply lift the hood of the unit for easy access. The circuit breaker can be checked on the front side of the unit.

Periodic servicing of your Cummins generator should be performed by a Cummins Certified Technician every 200 engine hours or at least annually. In addition to an engine oil change, the technician will test and run the generator while having a trained eye to look for developing problems.

Comprehensive Generator Warranty

Air-cooled generators from Cummins Power Generation have a 5-year or 2000-hour comprehensive warranty, including parts, labor, and travel. Optional extended warranties are also available to protect your home standby generator for up to 10 years in warranty coverage.

Final Thoughts

When ordering your new Cummins home standby generator, be sure to also order an appropriately sized Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). Cummins QuietConnect standby generators use the RA Series switch. Switch sizes are available in 100-Amp and 200-Amp versions. Select a Service Entrance Rated ATS to monitor a Main Breaker Panel. Sub-Panels can use a Non-Service Rated ATS.

If you have any questions on Cummins air-cooled backup generators, we invite you to call us Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm, at 901-379-8097.