Air- and Liquid-Cooled Generators from Cummins Power Generation

Reliable Power You Can Trust

Buckeye Power Systems has partnered with Cummins Power Generation, a world leader in power generation equipment, to offer homeowners and businesses the very best in reliable standby power. For over 100 years, Cummins has powered everything from heavy-duty trucks to trains, tractors, and marine engines and generators. Today, Cummins provides backup power solutions for hospitals, airports, data centers, and ocean crossing ships throughout the world.

Homeowners can now rely on the same technology to power their homes when grid failures and power outages occur in your neighborhood. A standby generator from Cummins prepares your home for power outages inflicted by storms, whether ice, snow, or straight-line windstorms.

Cummins air- and liquid-cooled generators can be sized to power the entire house or just the essentials.

This article will explore various air- and liquid-cooled generator models available from Cummins, including features that separate Cummins from the competition.

Cummins Quiet Connect™ Air-Cooled Generators

Cummins Power Generation offers three air-cooled generators in sizes ranging from 13kW to 20kW. Competitors may offer smaller generators, but the 13-20kW size range is most popular among consumers. As well, one does not want to go “too small” when it comes to standby power. It’s always best practice to go a bit higher than calculated electrical loads to ensure the smooth operation of your generator.

Cummins RS20A air-cooled home standby generator - winter snow scene

Cummins Quiet Connect™ air-cooled standby generators are engineered, quality tested, and manufactured in Fridley, Minnesota and offer the best combination of features and benefits, including:

  • Quiet Operation – the quietest air-cooled generator on the market.
  • Cold Weather Operations – out of the box cold weather starts as low as 0-degrees F. Optional cold weather kit protects the generator down to -40 degrees F.
  • Sturdy Design – built to withstand winds up to 180 mph.
  • Remote Monitoring – with generator alerts sent to your smartphone.
  • Reliability – from the world leader in power generation equipment.

Quiet and Powerful

Cummins Quiet Connect™ series of standby generators include a weather protective enclosure with sound insulation to achieve an industry-leading low noise output level of just 65 d(B)A, or about the same noise level as a normal conversation.

Buckeye Power Systems stocks all three Cummins Quiet Connect™ air-cooled models with prices starting under $4,000.00, excluding the transfer switch, and include all the following features:

  • Engineered for very quiet operation.
  • Rugged design capable of up to 180 mph winds.
  • Built-in remote monitoring capabilities.
  • Remote diagnostic capabilities.
  • Load management technologies built in.
  • Incredibly efficient operation.
  • Extremely compact design

Cummins Quiet Connect™ Liquid-Cooled Generators

Cummins RS50 liquid-cooled generators

Buckeye Power Systems is one of the only certified Cummins dealers maintaining an in-stock inventory of Cummins Quiet ConnectLiquid-Cooled Generators. Liquid-Cooled generators are the best choice for reliable, long-lasting backup power for your home or business. These high-performance generators are not only the most reliable, coming from the Cummins brand, they also perform the quietest! Using Cummins expert advanced technology and design, these liquid-cooled standby generators are engineered to withstand extreme heat, harsh winter weather, and winds up to 180 mph.

Available in a range of sizes up to 150kW, the Cummins Quiet Connect™ liquid-cooled generators are the perfect solution for homeowners seeking uninterrupted whole house generator coverage. These generators are sized to accommodate anticipated electrical loads, including the operation of multiple air conditioning loads at the same time.

What differentiates Buckeye Power Systems from its competitors is an ability to maintain a good inventory of all available generator models, even when other sellers are out-of-stock. So, we have you covered with a good inventory of Cummins liquid-cooled generators, whether you need 25kW or 150kW.

Cummins Diesel Generators

Cummins C80D6 Home Standby Diesel Generator

Buckeye Power Systems also maintains an in-stock inventory of Cummins Diesel Generators. Diesel generators are incredibly reliable and durable. Built to last years of service, a Cummins diesel generator is a great choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

We stock Cummins diesel generators in the 20-400kW size range. Diesel backup generators are also available in 3-Phase 120/208V, 3-Phase 277/480V, and Single Phase 120/240V for homeowners. All diesel generators come with a 24-hour subbase, double-wall protected fuel storage tank and a sound attenuated aluminum enclosure.

Our next article topic explores "How Standby Generators Work", including equipment requirements and available fuel options.

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